• Radioactive items.
  • Poisonous substances.
  • Volatile and flammable substances (oil, paint, kerosene).
  • Illicit pharmaceutical or drugs.
  • Odor emitting items.
  • Hazardous or explosive items of any kind (e.g. firecrackers).
  • Perishables (food items, beverage).
  • Living organisms (plants and animals).
  • Military grade weapons.

We prohibit any types of illegal activities and substances that are against Kuwait law.

Please be noted that Store and Move Logistics Company will not be responsible, and it has the authority to remove the items if found that are illegal or in violation of the above-prohibited items list without prior information. Violation of the rules will lead to immediate cancellation of the contract. Store And Move Logistics Company will forward all such cases to the local authorities for appropriate action.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation.