Delivery We have a free Home delivery service of its Packing Materials. We do realize the requirement and the need of the client thus we have decided to provide you with our home delivery services.
Check your packing materials inventory list and give us a call. Above 10 KD purchase, all the materials will be at your doorstep. We ensure the smoothness by reconfirming the order, exact location and time before home delivery. We offer the variety of packing materials that will help you for Moving Packing Storing and Shipping.
Our professional staff will guide you to choose the best one according to your requirement.

While planning to move you wish it should be easy. Getting the right kind of boxes or packing materials and getting enough of them will make your move easy. Always purchase the best boxes which might not interrupt your move by falling down all packed items and breaking your antiques or favorite crockery. You might think of cheap quality or less price to save your pocket by choosing leftover carton boxes. But during the unpacking or thinking of storing the same box, you will realize the fact. Always make sure you go for corrugated thick ply boxes rather than regular boxes. We provide those boxes you might require for the move because we want your move to be safe and easy. On a call tell our staff what you need and we deliver it at your door.

  • When you’re looking for moving boxes, keep in mind that boxes made from corrugated cardboard are stronger than regular boxes and are better suited to handle both heavier and more delicate items.
  • Make sure you order enough cardboard moving boxes to handle your job. Also remember to order them in a variety of sizes. Too little box space, or too much, can be a problem.
  • The strong tape is the key to holding your boxes, and your belongings, together. Duct tape is the strongest, but high-quality masking and scotch tape will also do the job.
  • Bubble wrap and packing peanuts aren't just for the professionals, they can cushion your valuables too.
  • Keep in mind that moving companies will not be held liable for damaged items that were not packed by them.
Our Packing Materials
  • Box (65x46x65)big carton
  • Box (45x45x45)small carton
  • Box (45x45x75) medium carton
  • Box (43x37x30) filing cartoon
  • Box (40x20x15) Medicine Box
  • Foam roll (per meter)
  • Bubble wrap (per meter)
  • Nylon roll Stretch Film roll
  • Double Ply Corrugated roll
  • We have variety of types which are required for the packing needs.